Sometimes when I'm mad
There's a part of me
That seems to be
A little sad
Sometimes when I scream
There's a voice in me
That says you shouldn't
Be so mean
Oh no. Oh no.
Part of me is acting
While the other
Stands beside
I am to myself what
Jekyll must have been to Hyde

We're like sun
And rainy weather
Sometimes we're a hit
Me and I
Gollmy moods
And inspiration
We're a funny
Me and I
I don't think I'm different
Or in any way unique
Think about yourself
For a minute and
You'll find the
Answer in it
Everyone's a fteak

Sometimes I have toyed
With ideas that I got
From good old
Doctor Freud
Nothing new of course
It may seem to you
I try to break
Through open doors
Oh ho. Oh no.
I just wanna say
A lot of that Applies to me
'Cause it's an explanation
To my split identity

(repeat chorus)